Baptisms for the dead weekend!!!:)

Baptisms for the dead weekend!!!:)
Hello everyone!!! I hope u all had a gr8 weekend last weekend!!!:) I just wanted to share with u all that last Sat I was able to go with the Singles ward for Baptisms for the dead and it was awesome!!!:) It was fun being and goin with everyone and goin to Manti was very pretty with all the fall colors the Temple looked really pretty in the Fall. While bein at the Temple I was able to confirm 20 people!!!:) I have never ever done that in my life and alot of the names were from Russia and Germany so that was really cool!!!:) Well thats about it and I hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween!!!:)

Bayley wearing her beautiful wedding dress!!!:)

Bayley and Jens Wedding!!!:)(Oct 10, 2008)

Me and Bayley together at her wedding!!!:)

Me having a very gr8 time!!!:)

Bayleys favorite color for a rose

HAPPY 8th BIRTHDAY JAKOB!!! WE LOVE U!!!(Oct 8, 2008)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!! WE LOVE YOU!!! (Sept 20, 2008)

The Library's story time was about CATS!!! (October 1, 2008)

The Library's story time was about CATS!!! (October 1, 2008)
Hello everyone!! I hope that everyone has had a good day!! Today was a very fun day at the Library and I thought I would share it with u all:) every wednesday is the Library's story time and it was about CATS and it was very cute:). Lot's of kid's with their mom's came and Robin(one of the Librarian ladies) did the story time but I got to help!!:) anyways when I got to the Library Robin showed me these two most very cute kittens and one of them was white the other gray and I apoloigize that I don't remember their names:(. So when the kid's got there Robin read to cute cat stories I handed out these cute cat face paper for the kid's to color then after Robin got the kittens out and the kids loved it!! It was really cute seeing them with the kittens I got to help take pictures. It's really fun being at the Library volunteering cuz u can meet more people that way as well:) well that was about it!!

The Huckleberry Dowdle family tradition!!! (September 2008)

The Huckleberry Dowdle family tradition!!! (September 2008)
I thought this would be interesting to post. The Dowdle family has a tradition that we all love to do on special occasions it's with very tastey delicious Huckleberrys. Our Grandpa Dowdle (on our Dad's side) and some other family members will go to Idaho to go pick the Huckleberrys. When they find alot of Huckleberrys they will bring them home and our Grandpa will make very good tastey shakes out of them!!! Then our Grams Dowdle will make jam, syrup, or cobbler out of them it really does taste sooo good. The Huckleberrys are also from the state of Montana where u can get lots of great treats made out of Huckleberrys. If anyone is interested and wants to know where the location in Idaho to go pick or wants to know more details I would be happy to help!!!:)

My brothers and sister:) (Summer fun 2008)

My brothers and sister:) (Summer fun 2008)
My family, grandparents, and Bill went down to Cedar for the play called School For Wives it was alot of fun they also had a preshow before the play with Scottish/Italian dancing and music it was great!!!:)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Petrified Wood&Update!!!:)

Hello Everyone,
How are u all doing? I hope gr8!!!:) It has been awhile since I have posted anything so here it goes: In the beginning of spring/summer I was able to get both of my hips replaced and it has felt sooo gr8 and I'm really happy to have it all done I have been able to enjoy life more and it's just been gr8!!!:) Before I was to go to get my second surgery done our Dad had to go down to Texas to do some testing and when I was gettin ready for the second one I was really missing our Dad I wished he could of been there with me and my Mom but everything still wen't gr8!!!:) Anyways later when I was able to come home from the hospital our Dad came home and he found out that he passed all of his testing we are sooo proud of him and he was able to finish school to get his bachelor degree!!!:)
Then in August we were able to go to Camp Palisade by Manti UT with our Mom's side of the family and it was sooo much fun being able to spend time with family our Dad wasn't able to be there with us cause he had to go back to Texas:( The Camp Palisade campsite is a pretty camp ground with a nice big lake, grassy areas, trees, and really nice bathrooms and showers!!!:) The second day we all got ready to go spend the afternoon by the lake which was pretty fun and HOT DAY!!!:) I got a real bad sunburned:( Then that night there was a star gazing show at the golfing course and it was sooo awesome we learned alot, and I have never seen so many shooting stars in my life!!!:) We could even see the shooting stars from our campground too!!!:)
Then the next day we all drove to Manti after lunch and got an ice cream at a cute little candy shop, then we drove over to the Manti Temple which was also really pretty!!!:) Then the next day was our last day:( it was really a fun time being able to get out of town for a few days and to see family it was gr8!!!:) I would hope to do it again!!!:) I also really recommend Camp Palisade it's really fun!!!:) Then later in the summer I was able to go with my Mom and with her family to Swiss Days which was also really fun!!!:) We were also able to stay with my cousins the Larsens (my Mom's side) that was really nice of them to let us stay with them thanks u guys sooo much we love u all!!!:) It was my very first time going to Swiss Days my Mom, her sisters, and our Oma and Opa made it a tradition to go every year. Then later I was able to go up N to spend time with my best friend Bayley Christiansen we had sooo much fun by chilling, watching horror films late at night, and shopping!!!:) That week was also to be Bayley and Jens 1 year anniversary too!!!:) I really hope u and Bayley had a fun anniversary!!!:) Also thanks sooo much again for letting me come up it was a fun good time!!!:) Love from me!!!:)
Fall time: One day when our Grams and Gramps Dowdle wen't up N for my Gramps check up when they came home we had gotten terrible news that our Gramps has cancer and it wasn't very good at all:(:(:( I really hated that news it seemed like to me the whole world was falling apart. But then later our Gramps was to go in for another check up to see if anymore of his cancer has spread and thankfully it did not!!!!!!:):):) My Mom and I were driving to Therapy when my Dad called us to tell us the gr8 news we were soooooo happy our prayers were answered!!!!!!:):):) Our Gramps still has to go on with his treatments but we know it will go well!!!:) Then after a few more weeks later before Thanksgiving our Dad calls our Mom to tell her we will be leaving for College Station, Texas in 2 weeks!!!:) I was really sad to tell everyone goodbye I'm really gonna miss Utah and everyone;( and I thank everyone for their kindness, and for being sooo helpful!!!:) But it will be a good change and experience!!!:)
COLLEGE STATION, TEXAS: On our way up here when we were passing through Arizona our Dad took us to this neat place in Holbrook, Arizona to see the Museum of the Petrified Wood and Forest it was really neat to see. In the Museum there was a 20 min video shown about the forest and wood. Then after u were able to go outside to walk on the trail to see the Wood and Forest. What I didn't know about the Forest is that it used to be a Tropical Jungle 3 million years ago roaming with Dinosaurs!!!:) So that was really cool to learn!!!:) We r now at our new home!!!:) We really like our apartment it's really nice and it has a really nice pool and hot tub!!!:) I love hot tubs!!!:) It rains alot here, the weather is really nice it snows once a year then it will get warm again, we really like the people here, we really like our new ward they r really nice and we felt welcomed on the first day!!!:)
THANKSGIVING: I really hope that everyone had a very fun safe Happy Thanksgiving!!!:) Thanksgiving was a really nice day we had on Christmas music while we were preparing our feast, we had a gr8 time eating and enjoying each others company and listening to the gr8 Christmas music, then we helped cleaned up, then we all got ready to go in the hot tub we wen't for a half hour, then came back to call our family members to say Happy Thanksgiving cause we really miss them and it was really hard not to be with them:(:(:( play Pass the Pigs and we called Haley so she could join us too, then had Pumpkin Pie and watched My Name Is Earl. I just wanted to say that I'am really thankful for everything and that I have been blessed!!!:):):) The next day we all woke up early to go to this really fun Texas Renaissance Festival(The Middle Ages was the theme) It was sooo much fun!!!:) At the Festival they had people dressed up in different characters, different bands, shows, rides, and food!!!:) I did take pictures of the Festival and I will post them up!!!:) Yesterday Dec 4, 2009 our Dad wen't to a job interview for a teaching job and he said it wen't very well and then later that day they called him back saying he got the job!!!!!!:):):) Our prayers were answered again!!!!!!:):):) We are sooo happy and proud of our Dad!!!!!!:):):) He gets to start in January he will be a full time teacher at a high school!!!!!!:):):) On final note everyone has been doing really well and I really hope all of u are doing really well too and I wish u all a very fun safe MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!:)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Update&A really fun recipe!!!:)

Hello everyone,
How has everyone been doin? I hope gr8!!:) It has been awhile since Ive posted anything and a few things have been goin on so I thought I would update!!:) K well first of all everyone in the Family is doin gr8 and being busy with work, school, and sports. My brother Josh has started being in his firt band!!:) He plays the guitar he is in the band with his teachers kids from Monroe he has done 2 concerts and they will be playing in Richfield!!:) Last Sunday we were able to go up N to celebrate our Omas Birthday and to be able to see everyone on our Moms side and it was such a blast!!:) Our Dad has been working really hard with almost being finished with school in May to get his Bachelor degree for teaching we are really excited for him!!:) When he gets finished he will be able to get a teaching job somewhere which means we will have to move!!:( We will probably move somewhere in Texas our Dad signed up for Spanish speaking teaching. If that does happen it will be a big change and it could be a fun adventure but I will for sure miss Richfield and everyone too which would be hard!!:( We Dowdles are also hoping to go to DisneyLand or a Cruise this Summer too either trip would be fun!!:)
I also want to mention that next Fri on the 13 Iam goin to be having Hip Replacement Surgery and Im excited!!:) We are goin to do Ceramic Hips we have to do it at one at a time. The Ceramic Hip Replacement will last me 20-60 years!!:) I really like my new Doctor he says I will be able to have a better life and to be able to be more active!!:) Im excited about that!!:) I think its a perfect time to have Surgery with Spring and Summer coming up and all there will be tons of fun things to do!!:) Well that is it for now and I hope that ur all doin well!!:)
I also would to like to share this really good tastey yummm recipe!!:) One birthday ago my Grams and Gramps Dowdle gave me this really fun Graceland's Table Recipes Fit for The King of Rock and Roll it's recipes that Elvis Presley loved eating from his own kitchen when he would be at his home in Graceland. So after I got the book my Grams and I thought to try some of the recipes out the one that we tried first was Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwiches it was Elvis's favorite Sandwich and it really does taste sooo good!!:) So I thought I would share the recipe with u all!!:)

Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwiches

2 large ripe bananas 6 slices white bread
1 cup peanut butter 1/2 cup (1 stick) butter

Peel and mash the bananas in a medium bowl. Combine the peanut butter with the bananas and mix well.

Toast the bread lightly and spread the mixture on three of the slices; top with the remaining three slices.

Melt the butter in a large skillet and slowly brown the sandwiches on both sides until golden brown.

Thursday, February 12, 2009



Eight questions asked, eight answered.

8 Things I'm passionate about:
1. The Gospel
2. Family&Friends
3. My German Heritage
4. History
5. Holidays
6. Education
7. Showers
8. Music

8 Words/phrases I use often:
1. Love you
2. Hey
3. Hey dude
4. How are u?
5. How was your day?
6. gr8
7. So cool
8. Miss you

8 Things I want to do before I die:
1. Fall in Love
2. Get Married in the Temple
3. Raise my own Family someday
4. Have my own Career
5. Visit Europe
6. Visit Hawaii
7. Visit the Battle Hill of Gettysberg
8. Really hoping to meet our Prophet someday

8 Things I want/need:
1. A new stereo cuz my cd player from my stereo is not working:(
2. A new digital camera cuz for some reason I cannot find the one that I already have and I really like it too:(
3. New clothes
4. New bed
5. New cute bedspread
6. More face medicine
7. A new dog
8. Some more fav movies

8 Things I have learned from the past:
1. Always trust in the Lord
2. Nobodys perfect
3. Always be POSITIVE
4. Never judge
5. Always appreciate what ur Family and Friends do for you
6. Always do service
7. Always respect other peoples Religions or Cultures
8. Stand up to what you believen

8 Restaurants I love:
1. Hometown Buffet
2. Chuck-A-Rama
3. The Training Table
4. Panda Express
5. Pizza Hut
6. El Mexicano
7. Cowboy Corral
8. Senor Frogs from Mazatlan Mexico

8 Shows I love to watch:
1. Full House
2. Family Matters
3. The Disney Channel
5. Travel Channel
6. Haunted History
7. Ghostly Encounters
8. Hallmark

8 People I Tag:
I know ur supposed to choose 8 but its hard to choose so I choose just anyone!!!:)

Monday, January 5, 2009

About our Christmas and Happy 2009!!!♥

Hello everyone,
I hope that u all have had a fun safe Christmas and a fun safe New Year!!!♥ I really want to put up a post about our Christmas and New Year I know its late its just that Ive been a little busy and havnt been able to do it yet so now I finally am!!!:) On Christmas Eve we stayed home in Richfield and had our Grams and Gramps Dowdle and our Uncle Brook come spend it with us cuz they were the only ones that were close. What we did was it is our tradition every year but it is sooo fun!!!:) We had our ham, clam chowder, our Grams brought her homemade a very good yummm fall soup, chips and dip, sweets, and what we also had was these very good yummm cookies from Germany the food was sooo delicious!!!:) Then our family played the Wii sports game it is sooo fun!!! We love the Wii!!!:) I also won everyone in Bowling!!!:) Then after we were done everyone played a little bit of Golf on the Wii too. After the games and the food before we started The Christmas Carol with George C. Scott every Christmas we draw names in our family and then open our one gifts on Christmas Eve I had my little brother Josh I got him a really cute Santa big gift bag with some school supplys for the New Year, Skittles, Cookies from Germany, and a $20.00 Walmart gift card and he really liked my gift which I was glad!!!:) Haley my sister had me and she got me this really cute pretty silver musical heart shapped necklace cuz I really love music that is why she got me that which was really pretty and then to go with it she got me my own box of Jones Soda Strawberry Lime they taste sooo delicious!!!:) Thanks Haley for my gifts!!!:):):) Then we turned on The Christmas Carol with George C. Scott that movie is one of my most favorite all time Christmas movies ever!!! You can learn something every year from that movie. I love how the spirits were able to change Scrooge on Christmas Day and him having a change of heart.♥ Then after the movie ended it was time for bed but before bed we all helped cleaned up then went to bed
Finally Christmas morning!!!♥ I have always loved Christmas Morning not just to see what I got but the spirit of Christmas♥ When we woke up there were a bunch of presents around our tree big or small there were a lot!!! After our Grams, Gramps, and Brook came we opened our gifts we also had stockings for our Grams, Gramps, and Brook they loved everything that they got!!!:) Well before we opened our Mom made Gingerbread muffins and Hot Chocolate for breakfast it tasted sooo good!!! Our family always do our stockings first before opening the other gifts thats what I love too opening stockings first. Everyone loved what they got and everyone got fun stuff!!!:) I got a new Verizon Cell phone that I really love, 2 Elvis Presley soundtrack cds from Blue Hawaii and Gi Blues, and David Archuletas album Crush and I got a lot of other things!!!:) My brother Trevor got me this cute scrapbook photo album thanks Trevor!!!:) Our family got Rock Band2 and XBox360!!! Yeah!!! The rest of the day was very fun everyone hooked up the Rock Band2 and just played it for the whole day it was fun!!!:)
Wow I cant believe at how fast 2008 has past!!! 2008 was really a gr8 year and now Im ready for the New Year!!!:) Iam truly thankful and blessed with everyting thankful for my Heavenly Father and my blessings that he has given me♥ Iam also thankful for my Family and Friends!!!♥ I wish u all the very best in 2009!!!♥ No matter at how bad things get in this crazy world we must always always and I mean always be POSITIVE
With Love,