Baptisms for the dead weekend!!!:)

Baptisms for the dead weekend!!!:)
Hello everyone!!! I hope u all had a gr8 weekend last weekend!!!:) I just wanted to share with u all that last Sat I was able to go with the Singles ward for Baptisms for the dead and it was awesome!!!:) It was fun being and goin with everyone and goin to Manti was very pretty with all the fall colors the Temple looked really pretty in the Fall. While bein at the Temple I was able to confirm 20 people!!!:) I have never ever done that in my life and alot of the names were from Russia and Germany so that was really cool!!!:) Well thats about it and I hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween!!!:)

Bayley wearing her beautiful wedding dress!!!:)

Bayley and Jens Wedding!!!:)(Oct 10, 2008)

Me and Bayley together at her wedding!!!:)

Me having a very gr8 time!!!:)

Bayleys favorite color for a rose

HAPPY 8th BIRTHDAY JAKOB!!! WE LOVE U!!!(Oct 8, 2008)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!! WE LOVE YOU!!! (Sept 20, 2008)

The Library's story time was about CATS!!! (October 1, 2008)

The Library's story time was about CATS!!! (October 1, 2008)
Hello everyone!! I hope that everyone has had a good day!! Today was a very fun day at the Library and I thought I would share it with u all:) every wednesday is the Library's story time and it was about CATS and it was very cute:). Lot's of kid's with their mom's came and Robin(one of the Librarian ladies) did the story time but I got to help!!:) anyways when I got to the Library Robin showed me these two most very cute kittens and one of them was white the other gray and I apoloigize that I don't remember their names:(. So when the kid's got there Robin read to cute cat stories I handed out these cute cat face paper for the kid's to color then after Robin got the kittens out and the kids loved it!! It was really cute seeing them with the kittens I got to help take pictures. It's really fun being at the Library volunteering cuz u can meet more people that way as well:) well that was about it!!

The Huckleberry Dowdle family tradition!!! (September 2008)

The Huckleberry Dowdle family tradition!!! (September 2008)
I thought this would be interesting to post. The Dowdle family has a tradition that we all love to do on special occasions it's with very tastey delicious Huckleberrys. Our Grandpa Dowdle (on our Dad's side) and some other family members will go to Idaho to go pick the Huckleberrys. When they find alot of Huckleberrys they will bring them home and our Grandpa will make very good tastey shakes out of them!!! Then our Grams Dowdle will make jam, syrup, or cobbler out of them it really does taste sooo good. The Huckleberrys are also from the state of Montana where u can get lots of great treats made out of Huckleberrys. If anyone is interested and wants to know where the location in Idaho to go pick or wants to know more details I would be happy to help!!!:)

My brothers and sister:) (Summer fun 2008)

My brothers and sister:) (Summer fun 2008)
My family, grandparents, and Bill went down to Cedar for the play called School For Wives it was alot of fun they also had a preshow before the play with Scottish/Italian dancing and music it was great!!!:)

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Pictures of my new hair cut and look for the Holidays!!!:)♥

Hello everyone,
How are u all doin? I hope all is well!!!:) I got my hair done for the Holidays by a friend of mine and our Grams Dowdle her name is Marcea she lives in Elsinore Ut and she does hair sooo gr8!!!:) Marcea does our Grams hair every Sat and I thought I would try her out so I did and she did gr8!!!:) Well that is about it so everyone have a gr8 rest of the weekend!!!:)

Monday, December 22, 2008

2 very fun family Christmas parties!!!:)

Hello everyone,
How is everyone doin? I hope u all had a fun weekend!!!:) K last weekend was the most best funnest ever and I just have to put it up!!!:) It was a very fun full weekend!!!:) On Fri the last day of school was when we were gettin ready to head up N to our Oma and Opas family Christmas party and we didnt get goin till later in the afternoon cuz we were still busy gettin things wrapped up and put all together. So we finally leave and everyone was all totally excited!!!:) Haley, Josh, and Trevor drove up before us cuz we had to take two seperate cars and they still had some shopping to do. On the way up it was really bad snowing!!!:( But its really fun to look outside the windows u know to see the pretty snow!!!:) We always love to listen to Christmas music too!!!:) So we finally make it safely to our Oma and Opas house and everyone was already there and it was sooo nice and fun to be there!!!:)
We had our cousins from our Moms side who moved to Ohio and they were able to be there cuz they dont come very often cuz of being so far away but they werent able to stay long but it was still fun to be able to see them!!!:) The cousins from Ohio are expecting another baby!!!:) My favorite part of the party is hhaving our German Christmas dinner with the Rolladin that our Oma makes which is sooo very yummm!!!:) then we had our talent show which was sooo fun!!!:) Everyone did such a gr8 job!!!:) I sang from Sara Evans Go Tell It On The Mountain, Haley and Josh played Silent Night Haley played the Harmonica and Josh played the guitar, Mickey and Curtis played very good songs on the piano, then our little cousins sang cute Christmas songs our little cousin Sarah sang a Christmas song in Latin she did sooo gr8!!!:) Then our cousin Rach played a Christmas hymn and we all sang then we all sang Star Bright and Silent Night in German everybody did sooo gr8!!!:)
Then we opened presents we play a present game with the adults and have a White Elephant gift for the younger ones and it also sooo fun!!!:) That day was such a long fun day our party didnt get over till 1:30AM in the morning!!! So everyone was pretty tired!!! Our family was able to spend the night at our Oma and Opas house cuz then the next day was our Dads side of the family Christmas party. We also got to sleep in cuz we were all sooo tired!!! Everytime we stay up there our Oma and Opa always provide very good yummm breakfast and lunch its sooo fun being with both sets of Grandparents!!!:) On our way to our cousin Shans and Marks house my Mom stopped by her best friends house to give her a gift they always see each other once a year and before we left we got to see my Moms friend Kelly she is a really nice lady!!!:) So we get to our cousins house it was sooo good to be there and be with everyone cuz we dont see them a whole lot so it was very fun!!!:) Our family on my Dads side always make Clamb Chowder, and Potato Soup with other dips crackers and stuff it was sooo good!!!:)
After dinner we visit play with our little cousins all of our little cousins are sooo cute!!!:) Then we do our Stockings!!!:) I drew our cousin Mark(Shannons husband) and their son Noah drew me and Noah gave me a really cute Stocking!!!:) Thanks Noah Bear!!!:) The things that I gave Mark were my cousin Shan helped me decide so thanks Shan!!!:) Mark loves the People Magazine, Lemon Heads, Sweet Tarts, and games so I got him those and a cute card game, then a really cute Christmas Musical card, then my Mom got a few extra things for his stocking he loved it!!!:) Then my little cousin Noah gave me a Sparkling Cider drink that is sooo yummm!!!:), very nice lotion, a very yummm cocoa mix, treats, and a very nice cool lookin color heating blanket I love heating blankets they keep u wayyy warm!!!:) We all had sooo much fun and it was sooo much fun seeing everyone I truly have the best family in the whole world!!!:)
Then the next day was Sunday it was a very special day for us cuz we got to see The Morman Tabernacle Choir Christmas broadcast live at the Conference center!!!:) They did amazing!!!:) We loved all of their Christmas songs!!!:) We took some pictures there but I dont have them up yet but when I do I will get them up!!!:) Then after we went to our Oma and Opas ward Sacrament Meeting their Choir there did amazing too!!!:) We got to see some old friends there who are in our grandparents ward so it was good to see them!!!:) Then after Church we all got to have some of our German Christmas dinner for lunch that was sooo yummm we got to have it twice!!!:) Then we helped clean up, our Oma gave our Mom a cutest pirm ever!!!:) Our Oma also does hair she has her own hair equipment in their basement. Then we all got our things together then rested then it was time to go home:( I didnt really want to go home but I had to work. So that was our fun filled weekend!!!:) Also the whole time our Dad was pretty sick too we all felt bad but we still had fun:) Well I hope u all have a fun weekend!!!:)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

What I love about Christmas!!!:)♥

Hello everyone,
Hey its me again!!!:) I hope u all are havin a great fun day!!!:) I have been wanting to put up a post about my faveortie thing about Christmas but havnt been able too so now Iam!!!:) What I love about Christmas is Everything!!!:) I love spending Christmas with Family and Friends, Decorating, The Music, The Movies, Food/Treats, Shopping, Giving Gifts, The True Meaning of Christmas, The Christmas Carol, The Nativity, Snow, and also doing our fun Family traditions and they come from our Moms side its really special to do those around Christmas!!!:)♥
The Traditions on my Moms side we also do traditions on our dads side too!!!:) Our traditions come from our German Grandparents They are from West Germany but now they live in SLC thats where are traditions come from is from them. The first one is we have St. Nickolas on Dec 6th the night before u lay out ur shoes, our Oma and Opa give us these very good yummm Swiss Chocolate advant calender, at our fam party on our Moms side our Oma and Opa make this very good yummm German Rolladin Meat its is my fave!!!:), then our Oma and Opa gave everyone of our Aunts a Candle advant from Germany it has four candles and u light one up every Sun in Dec and u sing a song in German, then u either have Hot Cocoa or Parol, and our Oma and Opa make this very good yummm German bread to go with it, and there is this pickle ornament that comes with a story u hang it on the tree and everyone tries to find it and whoever finds it will get to open a gift. They are my faveorite things ever!!!:)
On our Dads side we draw names and we use stockings to put our gifts in I totally love doing that it is sooo fun!!!:) Then on Christmas Eve at home we will watch the Christmas Carol movie with George C. Scott in it who plays Ebenezer Scrooge, have our dinner also while we are watching the movie and every year I learn different things from the movie that is really touching♥, then after the movie we each open one gift we also draw names too. Well that is about it and I wish u all a very fun safe Merry Christmas!!!:)♥

Monday, December 15, 2008


Hello everyone,
I hope u all are doin well and being safe in this crazy cold weather brrrrrrrrrr!!! But it is very pretty outside isnt it?:) Its been awhile since Ive put up a post. Today I went to see TWILIGHT with my parents today which was a lot of fun!!!:) I do like goin to movies in Richfield or any other place too but I really do wish that someday at the Reel Theater will get new movie seats it is sooo uncomfortable!!!:( Also some of the seats are already getting torn apart but we still like the Reel Theater the people who work there are really nice!!!:). But we still had a fun time!!!:) What I thought of the movie I thought it was really cool and interesting!!!:) I loved all of the Characters, the story, the relationship between a vampire and a human, and the scenes. I really liked the scenes where Edward saves Bella from the van, Edward is showing Bella in the forests the things that he could do, and also the fighting scene they were all really awesome!!!:)
I have been reading the TWILIGHT books I really do love the stories and the author Stephanie Meyer is really creative!!!:) I finished the first one now I have started reading the 2nd one New Moon and I cant decide if I liked the book more or the movie??? But I would look forward in seeing the 2nd movie too and hopefully it will come out soon!!!:) Well that is it for now and I wish u all a very fun safe MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!:)♥

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Hello everyone,
Wow!! I cant believe it is almost Thanksgiving!!:) I hope u all have a very fun Thanksgiving tomorrow and a safe one!!:)♥ I have been doin a lot of thinking about how thankful I am for things and would like to share it:
12. LOVE
The list could go on and on but its good for now!!!:)♥

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Hello everyone,
How are u all doin? I hope all is well with u all!!!:) I just wanted to share with u all about a very good book that I checked out from the Library that I just got done reading the book is called When Will This Cruel War Be Over? The Cival War Diary of Emma Simpson this woman is from Gordonsville, Virginia, 1864. This woman shares her experiences from the Civil War which is very interesting but it is a sad book. Emma Simpson is living with her mother cuz her father and her brother Cole had to go off to War and fight but her brother is brought home in a coffin cuz he got killed so her father still remains fighting. The Simpson family and other families have slaves with them cuz it was during slavery time too. The slaves that the Simpson family have with them remain loyal to them and the family treats them with respect which is very good cuz some families did not treat their slaves good and the slaves did not treat them with respect either.
Emma Simpson talks about how things used to be before the War started. Emma and her mother got to go to Richmond to visit her Aunt Caroline and Cousin Rachel and her new baby cousin name Elizabeth and when her aunt introduces a very handsome young man name Tally to Emma but he goes off to fight in the war too but writes to Emma the whole time. Emmas mother taught school to the to their slaves kids so that they could learn how to read and write I thought that was very cool and great service:) Later their aunt Caroline, Rachel, and baby Elizabeth came to their place to come and live with them. Anyway she explains that things used to be very happy before the War started like everyones family looses at least one family member, talks about how there is no men around cuz there all fighting, the Yankees come and invade the cities their place got invaded by the Yankees, a lot of home got flamed and the Yankees stole things from their homes and ruin everything. Some of the slaves betrayed their families to Yankees, a lot of the slaves ranned off. The Simpsons slaves still remain and did not abandon Emma which I thought was really cool. Thousands of boys who fought in the Civil War were between agaes of twelve and sixteen. There were at least three million who were slaves. In three days of fighting at Gettysberg there were over fifty thousands casualties. Almost five thousand soldiers were killed or wounded that day. Anyways I just thought that was very interesting but sad book. Even though it was a long time ago I did not like how the people treated the blacks as slaves even though some families treated them well but some did not u know? It still was wrong. But Im sooo glad thats all over!!!:) Abraham Lincoln was the one who eneded the slavery!!!:) Good for him!!!:) Im just sooo thankful for our freedom and to have the Gospel and sooo glad that we were not born at that time cuz we could of been u know? But we arent. Well thats about it!!!:) I hope everyone has a fun Thanksgiving next week!!!:)

Friday, November 7, 2008

Hello everyone,
Here are some late Halloween pictures and Im sorry they are late!!:( This picture is my Dad and Jake on Halloween. Jake is dressed up as the Joker from the Dark Knight and our Dad is one of the Hole diggers. Great Costumes guys!!:)

This is our little brother Jakob who is dressed up as the Joker from the Dark Knight!!:) Our sister Haley was the one who put together Jakes costume which was very creative!!:) Our Mom and Jake said that there were not ANY kids dressed up as the Joker so Jake was the only one

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Jakes special day!!!:)

Hello everyone,
I hope u all had a fun Halloween and enjoying ur weekend!!!:) Something special happened today(Nov 1st) it was our little brother Jakobs baptisim!!!:) Also he is the last one to be baptised too so now all of us has been baptised!!!:) Also a lot of our family got to come down from Up N to come see Jake get baptised and that was really nice of them to come all this way:). At the Church there was also a lot of baptisims goin on too so that was also very cool:).
After Jake got baptised we all went back in the Chappel to watch Jake and his friend name Layton Allred get confirmed and the Spirit was very strong cuz of all the people who did their Testimonies and Jake and his friend Layton gettin baptised its really good to listen to other peoples testimonies cuz they are all good. Then after it was finished our family was able to stay at the Church to have lunch and it was sooo yummm!!! So we all just got to visit, talk, and to have a good time. Its really fun spending time with ur fam and friends:). My bf Bill wasnt able able to come I was really sad:( he wasnt able to meet the rest of our family:( he wasnt able to come cuz he had to work but thats understandable u know? But it was still a good time. So I thank everyone for coming!!! It was fun to see u all!!!:)
As for Halloween I hope u all had a good 1!!! Me and Bill were able to spend Halloween together by him comin over to my house he brought over snacks, andn I also got us snacks and gave him his Halloween gift:), we watched this very good thriller movie called Lady In White its a very good old ghost story. We were able to watch one movie cuz Bill had to work early the next day but it was still a fun Halloween with watchin a movie and visiting:) Well thats about it and I hope u all have a good rest of the weekend!!!:) Also Im very sorry if u cant see the picture very well we cant find the family camera so I used our phone camera so Im very sorry if u cant see it very well

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

FuN hAlLoWeEn SuRvEy #2!!!

Do you go trick or treating? Yes

Have you ever smashed a stranger's pumpkin? No

Like dressing up? Yes its wayyy fun!!!

What is the worst candy to get trick or treating? I have never gotten a worst candy in my life!!!

Ever bobbed for apples? Yes when I was younger

Are witches or clowns more scary? Witches but there are very good Witches too

More likely to pass out fun size candy bars or full size candy bars? BOTH!!!

What is the dumbest thing you ever did on October 31? I have never actually done anything dumb on Halloween

Should October 31 be a school holiday? Well no cuz then the kids wouldnt be able to have a Halloween parade or to wear their costumes to school

Do you believe in real ghosts? Well I dont know what to believe!!!

Have you ever received money when trick or treating? No but I have gotten gift certificates

What is the best prank? Scarying them with a way scary mask

Prefer tootsie rolls or laffy taffy? BOTH!!!

Halloween is better than ever or not what it used to be? Halloween is still the best ever!!!

Do you put up decorations? Yes!!!

Prefer October 31 or December 25? BOTH!!!

The best candy is...? Laffy Taffy and Candy Bars

More likely to pass out candy or turn the lights off and pretend you are not home? Pass out the candy its a tradition to do every Halloween

Do your parents inspect your candy before you arre allowed to eat it? No they did when I was little though but not now

What is the strangest thing you ever got trick or treating? Never have gotten anything strange

The best horror movie to watch on October 31? Lady In White, and a whole bunch of others!!!

Ever dress up in a pirate costume? No

Prefer going trick or treating or going to a party? BOTH!!!

Buy a costume or make it yourself? It's fun to do either way

Ever bought a costume for your dog? No

Is it more fun to get candy or give? Give

Prefer cute costumes or scary costumes? BOTH!!!

Did your mother ever dress you in a costume you did not like? I've liked every costume

What is the best thing about October 31? Well Halloween is weird, ancient, and scary and I love all the legends and ghost stories

Are haunted houses more scary or more lame? SCARY

Do you have a scary myspace layout on your profile? Yes I do its of a graveyard layout

The worst party ever...? Never been to a worst one

Prefer candy or pennies when trick or treating? Candy!!!

Rather spend October 31 with friends or family? BOTH!!!

What is your costume this year? To be honest Im not dressing up this year

Rather watch the movie Saw or the movie Scream? BOTH!!!

Rather carve a pumpkin or go on a hay ride? BOTH!!!

Black cats are more cute or more spooky? Cute but very superstitious

Prefer eating candy apples or plain apples? BOTH!!!

Do you wait for dark before going trick or treating? No

Rather go to a Halloween themed party or a Christmas themed party? BOTH!!!

What is the best thing to dress up as? Elvis Presley costume, a Disney Princess or Vampire or Witch

Better to buy face paint or buy a mask? BOTH!!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

*My Best Friends Wedding!!!*:)(Oct 10, 2008)

Hello everyone,
I hope all is well with u all today!!!:) I'am sitten here with an ear ache:( so I thought it would be a good time to get some blogging done. I'am goin to tell u all about Bayley and Jens wedding!!!:) They got married on Oct 10, 2008 which was on a Fri so the day before I got to go up with Bays family DR, Karen, and Bryce and it was alot of fun riding up with them and being able to catch up on some things cuz it's been a long time since I've seen them so it was fun. We arrive at Bays and Jens apartment we had a good time visiting there and DR and Karen gave them some wedding presents that they got to open, and Bay showed us her scrapbook that she made of her and Jens which was sooo cute!!! Bayley and Jens also gave me and Bryce are birthday gifts which was really nice of them:):) so guys thanks for ur gifts!!! So it was a very nice time then it was gettin late so DR, Karen, and Bryce went to their hotel and I was able to spend the night with Bayley and Jens but we had to get to bed early so we wouldn't be tired the next day cuz we had to wake up at 6 in the morning.
So finally the big day arrives Bay wakes me so that I can get ready while she is gettin her hair and makeup done by Jens aunt and his aunt did a very good job 2 it was a very hectic morning but it was a very exciting morning 2!!!:) Then Bay comes back and she helps me do my hair and she also did a good job. So then we are on our way to the LDS Church where Bayley would get ready there and it was an emotional moment while me, Bays mom, Bays Grandma, and her aunt were helping her get ready it was a happy feeling but happy:):). After Bay was ready she looked sooo pretty!!!:) Before we lined up we got to take pictures and it was fun meeting everyone and havin a good time:). I got too meet the cute little flower girls and the girls who were holdin Bays and Jens rings they were sooo cute!!! The Flower girls are Britt and Jakes daughters and the girls who were holdin their rings were Jens sister and her husbands daughters who also have a little brother and another little sister. So we are lining up and it was fun walkin down the isle and too see Bay walkin down with her father Ken Hendricks and to see her and Jens get married:):)
Yay they are married!!!:) After the ceremony everyone was able to come and give them hugs and we did more pictures 2 and me and Jens brother who was his best man sorry I cant remember his name:( we got to sign as witnesses to their wedding!!!:) Then it was time for lunch which was in the Church. The lunch was sooo good!!!:) It was a Pollenisian lunch my faveorite was the Macaroni loved it:). I also got to sit at Bays and Jens table with Dr, Karen, and Jens friends Jens friends are really nice and funny it was fun seein them again 2. So after lunch we visited more I played with Jens sister's kids the girls who held their rings they were sooo much fun we played in the nursery and I read them some books from the nursery all the little kids were very nice and cute:):)
After we were done me, Dr, and Karen checked in a hotel to rest cuz everyone was really tired and Bryce went with his and Bays dad Ken. The day was gettin really cold cuz it was goin to snow the rest of the weekend but it did!!!:( Anyways after we are done resting we go do some errands that Dr, and Karen had to get done then we go get something from Taco Bell for dinner which was really nice of them pay for me I had my own money but they said it was ok. After we were all ready, we head back to the Church for the reception. I got to wear my tennis shoes cuz my shoes for the wedding were too small and were hurting my feet:( but no one noticed me wearing them!!! Lol. The gym was decorated sooo pretty!!! With Yellow and White flowers those were Bays colors. The food table was decorated nice, just everything was nice!!!:) Before the reception we did pictures it was fun watchin them take pictures it's fun to have pictures so u can remember them and how it all wen't.
Then it was time to stand in the line!!!:) I really had fun doin that shaking everyones hand and introducing myself and meeting new people. The people who were in line were, me, Bay, and Jens, Jens brother, and their Mom, Dr, and Karen, Connie,and Ken, and Bryce. Some of my family got to come to the reception but not for the wedding part which I was sad:( they were invited too:( but they at least got to come for the reception. My Mom and Dad came, Grams and Gramps Dowdle, our Oma and Opa and Mickey, Heidi and Bryan and their kids. I caught Bayley's bouqet!!!:) It was fun watchin Bay and Jens cut their Cheese cake Jens got Bayley good!!!:) They were both covered in cake!!!:) Then it was time to get ready to go home:( I wen't home with my Grams and Gramps Dowdle we stayed the night at my cousin Rachs house. So I say good bye to everyone and say good bye to Bay and Jens it was sad:( but I'am happy for them:):).
So we arrive at my cousins house and they had their porch all decorated cute for Halloween it was fun seein them again. But when we got their I got ready for bed cuz it was really really late but it was a fun long day!!!:) Well that's about it I wan't to thank Bay and Jens for choosing me to be the made of honor and for Connie and Ken to get me my flowers for the wedding and for Bays fam to being with me and helping me too:):):) I also want to thank my Grams and my cousin Rach for my made of honor dress 2!!! Well I everyone u all take care and I hope u all have a safe Halloween!!!:)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

75 Random Questions!!!

75 Random Questions:
Do you have any pets?No but we used 2:(
What color shirt are you wearing?A really cute black top
Name three things that are physically close to you:I can't really decide sorry
What is the last book you read?Princess Academy
Are you or were you a good student?I was a good student
What's your favorite sport?Dance, Diving
Do you enjoy sleeping late?YES!!! Iam seriously not a morning person but if I have things goin on then I wont sleep in
What's the weather like right now?Well its nice but its still cold weather:( I love the warmth not the cold:(
Who tells the best jokes?Our family friend name Raymond hes from Switzerland but lives in Florida
What was the last thing you dreamed about?Marriage, and saving money to go to Gettysberg
Do you drive? If so, have you ever crashed?I dont drive and yes we have gotten in a couple of accidents:(
Do you believe in karma?Yes
Do you believe in luck?Yes
Do you like your eggs scrambled or sunny side up?Scrambled!!! I love it with cheese or sausage mix or bacon
Do you collect anything? If so, what?Yes!!! I have a Elvis Presley collection and Spoons
Are you proud of yourself?Yes
Are you reliable?Yes
Have you ever given money to a bum?No but our Dad has but I would like to help people in need:)
What's your favorite food?German, Mexican, and Chinese!!!
Have you ever had a secret admirer?No
Do you like the smell of gasoline?No
Do like to draw?Yes
What's your favorite invention?T.v., Cell phones, Cameras, and Music players
Is your room messy?Nope its neat, organized and with Halloween decorations
What do you like better: oranges or apples?Both!!!
Do you give in easily?No I like to be sure first before I give in
Are you a good guesser?Yes
Can you read other people's expressions?Yes
Are you a bully?No never have been
Do you have a job?Yes!!!
What time did you wake up this morning?Like after 8:30AM
What did you eat for breakfast this morning?I didnt have time:(
When was the last time you showered?Last week
What do you plan on doing tomorrow?Hmmm well I go to the library, then to get my pay check, then to get it cashed
What's your favorite day of the week and why?Weekends!!! Cuz thats when my bf and I go on dates!!!;)
Do you have any nicknames?Yes lots they are: Em, Em&m peanut, Emmie, Emildew, Emilock
Have you ever been scuba diving?No
What's your least favorite color?I like all colors
Is there someone you have been constantly thinking about? If yes, who?Yes!!!;) my bf
Would you ever go skydiving?Yeah it sounds like fun my best friend name Bayley she did skydiving
What toothpaste do you use?With witening toothpaste
Do you enjoy challenges?Yes
What's the worst injury you have had?Never had any injuries
What's the last movie you saw?P.s. I love You
What do you want to know about the future?Lots of things
What does your last text message say?Yes dud
Who was the last person you spoke over the phone to?Grams Dowdle
What's your favorite school subject?History
What's your least favorite school subject?Math
Would you rather have money or love?Can u have both???
What is your dream vacation?Well its Europe, Hawaii, and goin to Gettysberg
What is your favorite animal?Dog/Cat, Monkeys
Do you miss anyone right now?Yes!!!;)
What's the last sporting event you watched?BYU Football!!!
Do you need to do laundry?No
Do you listen to the radio?Yes
Where were you when 9/11 happened?I was gettin ready for school in the morning and then goin to school all worried and confused:(
What do you do when vending machines steal your money?I get annoyed
Have you ever caught a butterfly?Yes
What color are your bed sheets?Blue and Yellow
What's your ringtone?I dont have a phone right now:(
Who was the last person to make you laugh?Fran my friend from work
Do you have any obsessions right now?Yes!!! Its Bill and Elvis
Do you like things that glow in the dark?Yes
What's your favorite fruity scent?Strawberry, Watermelon, Apple, Grape
Do you watch cartoons?I like Cartoon network
Have you ever sat on a roof?Yes
Have you ever been to a different country?Yes
Name three things in the world you dislike:Well I dont like how things are goin on in the world, I hate Murders, Wars
Name three people in the world you dislike:I like everyone:)
Has a rumor even been spread about you?No
Do you like sushi?Havnt had it
Do you believe in magic?Yes
Do you hold grudges?No
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Monday, October 13, 2008

Spooky experiences!!!(Oct 13, 2008)

Hello everyone,
I hope that everyone is havin a gr8 October month!!!:) The reason why I'am blogging is because in the past I have had some spooky experiences happen and I thought well since it's Halloween I thought I would share it with u all and it really did happen and I'm not makin it all up, if I was making it up then I wouldn't put it on here. K here is story number 1: The Dowdle family moves to this other pretty pioneer house it's by the Dairy in Richfield and it's pretty old we lived there for a couple of months it also had a History but I do not remember what it was about so I apologize for that:(. Well when everyone was watching a movie that is when my parents told us that there was something goin on at night in the house they never told us that but I'm glad they did cuz it was really cool. Our parents said that a few nights while everyone was sleeping in our parents room like at 2:30 AM or 3:00 AM our parents said that above their cieling they could here little footsteps runnin around the upstairs and on the stairs like 5 times!!!. So they ignore it and they said it has happened quite a bit. So one night it was the same time again and our parents were trying to sleep they said all of a sudden the footsteps got really loud like it was getting to be disturbing so our parents decide to go up and check up on my brother and sister Haley and Josh because they thought it must of been them playing up there. So they go up and check but both of them were sound asleep!!! Anways our dad thought it must of been little pioneer children playing up there what would u think??? Later Haley my sister said she had a strange experience with our dog Bianca one night. Our parents had to go work at Apsen Ranch and Haley would be with our little brother Jakob and Bianca would be with them. So Haley said it was like 2:30 AM when she turned out the lights and when she did Bianca our dog just got back up really weird and crazy and she goes to the door barking so Haley lets her out and Bianca just went crazy barking and sniffs around the living room, the upstairs, and the stairs Bianca must of sense some presence but the thing was that I didnt hear her!!! So anways yeah but then later the footsteps never happened again:( which was sad cuz we didnt feel threatened u know? I mean there are times when things cant be explained like u know what u saw or heard u know?
Story 2: This happened in our other house by the city pool. So we move again and its like ugh!!! I'm tired of moving!!! K well one night I get ready for bed and everyone else is settleing down too. Also my little brother, Haley, and our dog Bianca were upstairs. K so I was in my bed trying to fall asleep sometimes its hard for me to sleep:( it was like almost 1 in the morning when for some reason I hear these big sounds on our roof like big stomping sounds!!! So I just lay there and ignore it. But then later more later it sounded again but more louder and I was starting to get like really annoyed cuz it was late and I was tired so I was thinking it must of been Haley and Jake playing or making noises so I text Haley to ask her please stop being loud but she texts me back saying that she and Jake are in bed!!! So I was like ok.... So I go to sleep but the stomping sounds were still goin on. But later I finally go to sleep when all of a sudden I hear a big crash like someone falling down the stairs big bang by my door!!! That was when I got really mad Im not kidding so I get up from my bed to go check out there was no one there I go check on Brady and Frankie(there the boys who was staying with us cuz our parents were doin Foster Care as well) cuz I thought it must of been them makin all those noise but when I checked on them they were sound asleep!!! So I go back to my room feeling a little iritated cuz u know its not fun especially when ur trying to sleep u know? I go to my room try again to fall asleep and then it stopped. So the next day I ask Haley and she said she didnt hear anything and what was weird that our dog didnt get weird either. I tell my parents but they didnt know what to think either. But later on the next few days it did it again but then it stopped and never happened again. But I really do know what I heard and I'm not crazy
Story 3: This happened to our cousin Rachel Richards. She told me the story last week when she and Gabe and Ben(our little cousins) were down here visiting. Well Rachels husband Bryans mom died their Grandma it was really sad cuz she was a very nice lady. Anways after she died Rach and Bryan got to keep her Halloween decorations. The Richards is their last name and they have these two cute little dogs name Hershey and Oden. One day when Rach was by herself she said that Hershey just started barking like really barking at the boxes there was nothing in it except for the decorations Rach checked behind the boxes too but Hershey still wouldnt stop barking!!! So Rach looks outside the window and there was no one!!! Rach is like Hershey stop barking there is no one around. Anways Rachel our cousin thougnt it was really strange and thought that Grandma Kathy must of just wanted to see her decorations or something. See? There are just somethings u cant explain only except u know or heard it your own self:) Well thats all about it and I hope everyone has a fun Halloween!!!:)

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A very fun BiRtHdAy weekend!!!

Hello everyone,
I hope that everyone has had a fun weekend:). All right here it goes... This weekend was my birthday weekend and it was a very good one:). Haley and Trevor were able to come down for my birthday weekend which was very nice to have them here so I thank them for coming:). Friday night Haley, Jake, and I did Karaoke till like 1:00 AM in the morning!!! But it was loads of fun!!! Sat our Grandparents and Bill came over and we all wen't to El Mexicano in Salina it's a very good yummm Mexican restaurant I always love to order their Chicken Enchiladas with their Beans and Rice and we all had a good time there it was nice of my family to take me there for my birthday and having everyone there and to hear Haley and Trevor's college stories:).
Then all of us came back to our house to open presents and eat cake and ice cream. I loved everything that I got and I thank my family and Bill for my gifts!!! Thank's sooo much!!! I got alot of movies, jewelry, scrapbooking things, cd, beef stew I love that stuff!!! A bag full of my fave snacks, Jones Soda the flavor is called Berry Lemonade yummm, Bill gave me my fave kind of cookies it's the FudgeShoppe Grasshopper Fudge Mint Cookies and his parents gave a really cute birthday to card that was sweet of Bill and his parents, then Grams, and Gramps Dowdle chipped in with my Mom and Dad they gave me a really nice black fancy portable DvD player and a case to go with it I really do love to watch movies!!! Cuz they are alot of fun to watch!!! So that's why I got one:) and it was a good rest of the day:).
Then on Sunday it was my best friend's Bridal shower and my 24 birthday and Bayleys little brother Bryces birthday too!!! It was very good to see Bayley, Jens, and her family and her Mom made her shower all cute and very good refreshments, we played some fun guessings games and her Mom put me encharge of helping with the games, then we watched her opened her gifts and boy she got alot of cute gifts my family gave her the game Apples to Apples and a very pretty silver pitcher from our Grams we all chipped in on Bayleys Bridal shower. Also our cousins Rach, and her kids they are sooo cute!!!(They are from my dad's side) Their dad stayed up N. Rach, and her kids were able to come to the Shower. After the shower we had the refreshments we visited and it was fun seeing everyone, and Bayleys family sang happy birthday to me and Bryce and that was nice of them to do that:). Also that day my cousins stayed till Tues and on Sun my birthday Rach and Gabe her real name is Gaberielle but we all like to call her Gabe they came to get my little brother so he can go with them to sleep over at the Farm house and they gave me a very nice present very pretty Roses and my fave snacks and that was really nice of them to do that so i thank u guys and the Richards that's their last name I thank them for my gifts!!!:)
Mon my Grams and my Cousins picked me up from work and we all wen't out to lunch to Sandys and that was fun then they wanted me to come out to the Farm house and we all had alot of fun!!! We all wen't out to are garden and picked out vegetables, then me, Gabe, and Ben that's Gabes little brothers name we played hide-and-seek it was fun!!! I really loved spending time with them cuz we don't do that very often:( then my cousins took me home and they were able to spend the night cuz it was getting late and it was fun with them there too my cousin Rach also started a blog and asked me for help and it was fun helping her:) Well that's about it!!! The end of the fun weekend and Mon:( Well everyone u all take care!!!:)

Friday, September 26, 2008

Temple Sealing!!!:) (September 26, 2008)

Hello everyone,
I just wanted to put in my blog about something special happening today with my family members on our Dads side. Our cousins Shannon, Mark, Noah, Milo, and Jona Farner those are their 3 young boys that today they are getting sealed in the SLC Temple!!!:) and it's happening right before my birthday which I think is really exciting to have it done before my birthday!!! Well anyways CONGRATULATIONS to u guys!!!:) Everyone is really excited and happy for them. Well that's all the news for today I hope everyone is doing great and everyone have a great weekend!!!:)