Baptisms for the dead weekend!!!:)

Baptisms for the dead weekend!!!:)
Hello everyone!!! I hope u all had a gr8 weekend last weekend!!!:) I just wanted to share with u all that last Sat I was able to go with the Singles ward for Baptisms for the dead and it was awesome!!!:) It was fun being and goin with everyone and goin to Manti was very pretty with all the fall colors the Temple looked really pretty in the Fall. While bein at the Temple I was able to confirm 20 people!!!:) I have never ever done that in my life and alot of the names were from Russia and Germany so that was really cool!!!:) Well thats about it and I hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween!!!:)

Bayley wearing her beautiful wedding dress!!!:)

Bayley and Jens Wedding!!!:)(Oct 10, 2008)

Me and Bayley together at her wedding!!!:)

Me having a very gr8 time!!!:)

Bayleys favorite color for a rose

HAPPY 8th BIRTHDAY JAKOB!!! WE LOVE U!!!(Oct 8, 2008)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!! WE LOVE YOU!!! (Sept 20, 2008)

The Library's story time was about CATS!!! (October 1, 2008)

The Library's story time was about CATS!!! (October 1, 2008)
Hello everyone!! I hope that everyone has had a good day!! Today was a very fun day at the Library and I thought I would share it with u all:) every wednesday is the Library's story time and it was about CATS and it was very cute:). Lot's of kid's with their mom's came and Robin(one of the Librarian ladies) did the story time but I got to help!!:) anyways when I got to the Library Robin showed me these two most very cute kittens and one of them was white the other gray and I apoloigize that I don't remember their names:(. So when the kid's got there Robin read to cute cat stories I handed out these cute cat face paper for the kid's to color then after Robin got the kittens out and the kids loved it!! It was really cute seeing them with the kittens I got to help take pictures. It's really fun being at the Library volunteering cuz u can meet more people that way as well:) well that was about it!!

The Huckleberry Dowdle family tradition!!! (September 2008)

The Huckleberry Dowdle family tradition!!! (September 2008)
I thought this would be interesting to post. The Dowdle family has a tradition that we all love to do on special occasions it's with very tastey delicious Huckleberrys. Our Grandpa Dowdle (on our Dad's side) and some other family members will go to Idaho to go pick the Huckleberrys. When they find alot of Huckleberrys they will bring them home and our Grandpa will make very good tastey shakes out of them!!! Then our Grams Dowdle will make jam, syrup, or cobbler out of them it really does taste sooo good. The Huckleberrys are also from the state of Montana where u can get lots of great treats made out of Huckleberrys. If anyone is interested and wants to know where the location in Idaho to go pick or wants to know more details I would be happy to help!!!:)

My brothers and sister:) (Summer fun 2008)

My brothers and sister:) (Summer fun 2008)
My family, grandparents, and Bill went down to Cedar for the play called School For Wives it was alot of fun they also had a preshow before the play with Scottish/Italian dancing and music it was great!!!:)

Friday, October 15, 2010

♥Grams Dowdle♥

In Loving Memory,
Our Dear sweet Grams Dowdle has left us this year September 25, 2010 through open heart surgery and has returned to our Heavenly Father. I'am still sooo shocked she is gone. I always knew our Grams wouldn't be around forever, but I never knew it would be this soon. Grams I really want u to know that we all Love u and miss u sooo very very very much, we will NEVER EVER forget u, U have always been a gr8 example to everyone and we all have learned sooo much from u, and u have done sooo much for all of us. U have also always been sooo supportive for me and for everyone else. U were supportive when I went through my surgeries and visited me in the hospital all 3 of my tough, hard surgeries. I have always looked up to u, and was proud to have u as my Grams. U were always sooo special to me and everyone else. We know u are gone and we will miss u sooo very very very much. I'am also sooo thankful for all the fun special memories we have had together and I will NEVER EVER forget them!!!!!!♥ I do know this, and I have always believed in this. I know with all my heart we all will see u again. I'am sooo thankful for the Gospel and for the knowledge we all have to be able to do that. I do look forward till when we do see u again, it will be gr8!!!!!! I know we will see u♥
♥ U forever
Emily Anne Dowdle

Here are 5 things I remember most about our Grams Dowdle
1. She always looked sooo gorgeous, smelled pretty, Lovely voice, Loved the way our Gramps looked at Grams
2. She was always sooo kind, Loving, caring, generous, considerate to others, respectful, never was shy, always has Loved the Gospel and kept the Commandments
3. I always Loved her calling me honey
4. She was a really gr8 cook. My favorite dish was her Irish meal. She got the recipe from when our Grams and Gramps were in Ireland on their mission
5. You could always count on Grams for anything if u needed her or help. She would never let u down

Here is one of my fun favorite memories with Grams
A long time ago after I graduated and had my spine surgery done and fully recovered. Me, Bayley H Christiansen, and my Grams and Gramps we went on a very fun cruise!!!:) Our ship was docked at Long Beach California, and the places we went to were Catalina Island and Ensenada Mexico. We all had a blast!!!:) What I Loved most about our trip was: Going to the locations, dinner at our restaurant, the glass bottom boat in Catalina, shopping at Ensenada Mexico, and the shows that the cruise people put on. I'am sooo thankful me and Bayley were able to go with my Grams and Gramps it was an awesome trip!!!:) Thank u Grams, Gramps, and Bayley for an awesome time!!!:)
Emily Anne Dowdle

A little short post
Our new puppy!!!♥
While we were up in Utah our Parents, and Haley surprised me, Jake, Trevor, and Josh with getting a very cute, sweet, new puppy for our Birthday's!!!:) Our dog is a Yorkie Maltese mix and we named her Little JoAnne after our Grams Dowdle. Little Jo is such a cute, sweet, friendly, funny, little dog and everyone just Loves her to death!!!:) She really is a joy to have around:) We Love her sooo much!!!:) She is also a very funny dog. Here's what I mean by funny: She will always and I mean always likes to lay her cute little head on our feet whenever we are standing or sitting, climbing on shoulders, sleeps under our table in the living room, and Loves to lay on the kitchen floor, Whenever Jake is playing his nintendo games while he is sitting on the floor, she will try to play with him like trying to get his attention. Thank u Mom, Dad, and Haley for the BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT EVER!!!:) That is about everything I can think of to write for right now:) I do hope everyone is doing well and having a fun safe Fall time this year!!!:)

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