Baptisms for the dead weekend!!!:)

Baptisms for the dead weekend!!!:)
Hello everyone!!! I hope u all had a gr8 weekend last weekend!!!:) I just wanted to share with u all that last Sat I was able to go with the Singles ward for Baptisms for the dead and it was awesome!!!:) It was fun being and goin with everyone and goin to Manti was very pretty with all the fall colors the Temple looked really pretty in the Fall. While bein at the Temple I was able to confirm 20 people!!!:) I have never ever done that in my life and alot of the names were from Russia and Germany so that was really cool!!!:) Well thats about it and I hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween!!!:)

Bayley wearing her beautiful wedding dress!!!:)

Bayley and Jens Wedding!!!:)(Oct 10, 2008)

Me and Bayley together at her wedding!!!:)

Me having a very gr8 time!!!:)

Bayleys favorite color for a rose

HAPPY 8th BIRTHDAY JAKOB!!! WE LOVE U!!!(Oct 8, 2008)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!! WE LOVE YOU!!! (Sept 20, 2008)

The Library's story time was about CATS!!! (October 1, 2008)

The Library's story time was about CATS!!! (October 1, 2008)
Hello everyone!! I hope that everyone has had a good day!! Today was a very fun day at the Library and I thought I would share it with u all:) every wednesday is the Library's story time and it was about CATS and it was very cute:). Lot's of kid's with their mom's came and Robin(one of the Librarian ladies) did the story time but I got to help!!:) anyways when I got to the Library Robin showed me these two most very cute kittens and one of them was white the other gray and I apoloigize that I don't remember their names:(. So when the kid's got there Robin read to cute cat stories I handed out these cute cat face paper for the kid's to color then after Robin got the kittens out and the kids loved it!! It was really cute seeing them with the kittens I got to help take pictures. It's really fun being at the Library volunteering cuz u can meet more people that way as well:) well that was about it!!

The Huckleberry Dowdle family tradition!!! (September 2008)

The Huckleberry Dowdle family tradition!!! (September 2008)
I thought this would be interesting to post. The Dowdle family has a tradition that we all love to do on special occasions it's with very tastey delicious Huckleberrys. Our Grandpa Dowdle (on our Dad's side) and some other family members will go to Idaho to go pick the Huckleberrys. When they find alot of Huckleberrys they will bring them home and our Grandpa will make very good tastey shakes out of them!!! Then our Grams Dowdle will make jam, syrup, or cobbler out of them it really does taste sooo good. The Huckleberrys are also from the state of Montana where u can get lots of great treats made out of Huckleberrys. If anyone is interested and wants to know where the location in Idaho to go pick or wants to know more details I would be happy to help!!!:)

My brothers and sister:) (Summer fun 2008)

My brothers and sister:) (Summer fun 2008)
My family, grandparents, and Bill went down to Cedar for the play called School For Wives it was alot of fun they also had a preshow before the play with Scottish/Italian dancing and music it was great!!!:)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

*My Best Friends Wedding!!!*:)(Oct 10, 2008)

Hello everyone,
I hope all is well with u all today!!!:) I'am sitten here with an ear ache:( so I thought it would be a good time to get some blogging done. I'am goin to tell u all about Bayley and Jens wedding!!!:) They got married on Oct 10, 2008 which was on a Fri so the day before I got to go up with Bays family DR, Karen, and Bryce and it was alot of fun riding up with them and being able to catch up on some things cuz it's been a long time since I've seen them so it was fun. We arrive at Bays and Jens apartment we had a good time visiting there and DR and Karen gave them some wedding presents that they got to open, and Bay showed us her scrapbook that she made of her and Jens which was sooo cute!!! Bayley and Jens also gave me and Bryce are birthday gifts which was really nice of them:):) so guys thanks for ur gifts!!! So it was a very nice time then it was gettin late so DR, Karen, and Bryce went to their hotel and I was able to spend the night with Bayley and Jens but we had to get to bed early so we wouldn't be tired the next day cuz we had to wake up at 6 in the morning.
So finally the big day arrives Bay wakes me so that I can get ready while she is gettin her hair and makeup done by Jens aunt and his aunt did a very good job 2 it was a very hectic morning but it was a very exciting morning 2!!!:) Then Bay comes back and she helps me do my hair and she also did a good job. So then we are on our way to the LDS Church where Bayley would get ready there and it was an emotional moment while me, Bays mom, Bays Grandma, and her aunt were helping her get ready it was a happy feeling but happy:):). After Bay was ready she looked sooo pretty!!!:) Before we lined up we got to take pictures and it was fun meeting everyone and havin a good time:). I got too meet the cute little flower girls and the girls who were holdin Bays and Jens rings they were sooo cute!!! The Flower girls are Britt and Jakes daughters and the girls who were holdin their rings were Jens sister and her husbands daughters who also have a little brother and another little sister. So we are lining up and it was fun walkin down the isle and too see Bay walkin down with her father Ken Hendricks and to see her and Jens get married:):)
Yay they are married!!!:) After the ceremony everyone was able to come and give them hugs and we did more pictures 2 and me and Jens brother who was his best man sorry I cant remember his name:( we got to sign as witnesses to their wedding!!!:) Then it was time for lunch which was in the Church. The lunch was sooo good!!!:) It was a Pollenisian lunch my faveorite was the Macaroni loved it:). I also got to sit at Bays and Jens table with Dr, Karen, and Jens friends Jens friends are really nice and funny it was fun seein them again 2. So after lunch we visited more I played with Jens sister's kids the girls who held their rings they were sooo much fun we played in the nursery and I read them some books from the nursery all the little kids were very nice and cute:):)
After we were done me, Dr, and Karen checked in a hotel to rest cuz everyone was really tired and Bryce went with his and Bays dad Ken. The day was gettin really cold cuz it was goin to snow the rest of the weekend but it did!!!:( Anyways after we are done resting we go do some errands that Dr, and Karen had to get done then we go get something from Taco Bell for dinner which was really nice of them pay for me I had my own money but they said it was ok. After we were all ready, we head back to the Church for the reception. I got to wear my tennis shoes cuz my shoes for the wedding were too small and were hurting my feet:( but no one noticed me wearing them!!! Lol. The gym was decorated sooo pretty!!! With Yellow and White flowers those were Bays colors. The food table was decorated nice, just everything was nice!!!:) Before the reception we did pictures it was fun watchin them take pictures it's fun to have pictures so u can remember them and how it all wen't.
Then it was time to stand in the line!!!:) I really had fun doin that shaking everyones hand and introducing myself and meeting new people. The people who were in line were, me, Bay, and Jens, Jens brother, and their Mom, Dr, and Karen, Connie,and Ken, and Bryce. Some of my family got to come to the reception but not for the wedding part which I was sad:( they were invited too:( but they at least got to come for the reception. My Mom and Dad came, Grams and Gramps Dowdle, our Oma and Opa and Mickey, Heidi and Bryan and their kids. I caught Bayley's bouqet!!!:) It was fun watchin Bay and Jens cut their Cheese cake Jens got Bayley good!!!:) They were both covered in cake!!!:) Then it was time to get ready to go home:( I wen't home with my Grams and Gramps Dowdle we stayed the night at my cousin Rachs house. So I say good bye to everyone and say good bye to Bay and Jens it was sad:( but I'am happy for them:):).
So we arrive at my cousins house and they had their porch all decorated cute for Halloween it was fun seein them again. But when we got their I got ready for bed cuz it was really really late but it was a fun long day!!!:) Well that's about it I wan't to thank Bay and Jens for choosing me to be the made of honor and for Connie and Ken to get me my flowers for the wedding and for Bays fam to being with me and helping me too:):):) I also want to thank my Grams and my cousin Rach for my made of honor dress 2!!! Well I everyone u all take care and I hope u all have a safe Halloween!!!:)

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